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Exotic Dancer

Last saturday morning. 🌜⛅🌛 #nofilter
WOOAHH!! :O another bike?! Grabe! Si pudra na talaga. 🙉😨
As i was about to go out of our house, i heard a ‘mouse voice’ from the kitchen and ran toward there. I saw my preggy-pet ‘kitty’ biting something.. Thought it was just a mouse but when i looked at it closely, i saw a little bird. Sadly, the little bird didn’t survived… UGH!! Bad cat! >:(( I really hate seeing an animal dying, ESP with this creature. :’((( <//3 #sad #RIP
Last saturday at Sta.Cruz Island. #summer 2k13. ;) #saturdayfun #FCCY
Sta. Cruz Island getaway! What a blast! :’))) #saturdayfun
IG PP. ✌👊😂
Pacute pose! 😻
Oraayt! Let’s do this again! 😅👌💰 (at Home. 💛)
THIS! :/
Because i’m slowly giving up. 😢