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Exotic Dancer

I should have told you everything while you were listening.
Yuuuum 😭
THIS! 😱👊💪

Austin Grossman, Soon I Will be Invincible
This ‘lil girl on the left side was once a montessorian. :)) Honey Dew-Kinder, yr ‘97. That’s why it’s #THROWBACKTHURSDAY 😂😂 K! 😅😝 And on the right side… Well, i just miss my mom.. :’) Soo! Do i look like her? 😯:’)) mehe (at Home. 💛)
Passed by @itsjanicetan’s  ;) Thank you sa water. Haha. (Dahil ako’y nauhaw) 😂😂 (at Farmers Drive, Gov Ramos, Sta. Maria)
Yeeey!! 💓🍫👌 (at Home. 💛)
Quote of the night. 😌 good night! 😛
🍦🍨🍌🍫 (at Kape Zambo)
Nikkoooo ngayon ka lang nagpakita!! 😯😤😂😂 @niksantiago14 hahaha. —FCCY. Second family. ❤
Gah! Biking. 😂😆🚲 From our house to @jnelooo’s, to forest lake, to sky gym, to talon2.
Everyday is veggie day! (oops -.- except last wednesday) 😂😂😄 (at Vegetarian Queen)
Everyday is veggie day! 😂👌😄 (at Vegetarian Queen)